Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back practice putting green lights

Around ten years ago we installed lights for the back PPG, which members used to stay out after dark and get some practice putting in, or have a few drinks while playing for a few friendly bets. Over time the post that the lights were mounted on had decayed due to the environment. This year we had a few request to get them working again, so I enlisted the help of Jimmy Hymel to locate new heavy duty poles to place the lights on top of. We have installed a new pole in which both lights are mounted on top of. I have changed the switch system out with a new sixty minute timer switch. In order to use the lights now you only have to turn the dial timer and putt. The only downfall to this switch is that it will only allow you to putt for sixty minutes before automatically shutting itself off. If you desire to putt any longer, you need only to turn the switch again (preferably before it shuts off). The lights on the pole generally take about 5 minutes to turn on completely and if they shut off, it may take fifteen minutes to come back on (so it is very important for you to turn the dial before they shut off). The new pole position lights more of the putting green then the older positions.
I have already had certain members making comments about the money spent to add new lights and want to let everyone know that with the exception of the timer switch, we re-used all of the existing materials (wire & lights). This will be especially useful once the time changes and it starts getting dark around 5:30pm.