Friday, August 13, 2010


Alright, a lot of members have been asking me what is going on next door (Belle Terre)in which I never really had any information. So now some new info has come around and I thought you would like to know what is being said. Remember that this is a rumor. Word has it that this coming Sunday Belle Terre is closing their doors for golf. That is right, just golf. Apparently they plan on keeping the swimming pool, tennis courts and restaurant open and closing the golf course. Yes, makes me scratch my head also. The rumor also states that Time Duhe has a permit to dig clay for the levee projects I assume and expects to take it from the course. I know that is only possible if they intend to tear up the golf course getting it out of there. I know only time will tell.
I do know that this may be a good opportunity to gain a few members from there. I ask everyone to welcome any to our club with open arms because frankly, we need the income, and I mean really need the income. Some or all may go elsewhere for their own reasons, but if any transfer here it will only help us through already tough times.