Thursday, August 26, 2010

Now we are down another crew member!

Unfortunately, Rick Landry has had to ask for a leave of absence for an undetermined amount of time. Some may already know that he father passed away a little over a month ago, but now his Mother is in the hospital for what he has told me is Lung Cancer. He seemed to be the one person his family has relied upon as a caregiver and has been living at home for a while, while he helped take care of his father. He now plans on staying at the hospital 24-7 until she gets released to go home. He did tell me that once he can get her home he will be able to return to work.
Rick was and still is a very vital part of our crew. because of workers like him we were able to operate this year with three less crew members due to our budget crunch. All we can do is pray for his mother to make a speedy recovery so he can again rejoin our team. While I have been given the OK to replace him temporarily we will not take just anyone off the street. Rick was one of our head operators in which we relied upon him to cut our fairways and help with the roughs and bunkers. Finding good operators is really hard these days and we need someone who will take care of our equipment as well as get the needed task done. In the mean time we will pull the extra slack from within our department.