Monday, August 23, 2010

Mole Crickets!

I wanted to let everyone see what these destructive pest look like and what damages they do to our course. The above picture shows what a Mole Cricket looks like and that they actually have wings. While they are not know as flying insects they can fly short distances. They generally not know for flying but can move a pretty good distance. What they do is jump into the air and start using their wings but with no particular destination in mind. They simply let the wind carry them. They make a high jump and flap their wings and let the direction of the wind blow them wherever it may take them. They love eating the grass roots and can tear up a good area of soil in one week. the damages look like this;

This is the area on the left side of #2 fairway/approach. We have them in other areas around the course like next to the 1st bunker on #17 and #15 fairway. In the past we made 20 acre applications to the course and rotated those applications where the most activity was at the time. Due to no funds this program was eliminated 3 years ago. I am hopeful we can get back on it because chemicals to treat them are very expensive but they can do a lot of damage in one season. If you happen to see one of these pest, please kill it!