Monday, August 30, 2010

Labor Day Par 3 Tournament

We will be trying a new tournament for this years Labor Day Festivities. Allen Constatine and Grant Faucheux have combined their thoughts for getting the membership something different to enjoy on Labor Day. After asking around they have decided to put on a par 3 tournament.
The great thing about a par 3 tournament is that everyone can compete because it is not how far you hit the ball but how accurate you can be. The golf course will be played backwards instead of its normal layout. This is done to give the competitors a completely different look at the course. An example would be #18 will become #1 and we will play to it from the ladies senior tee. # 17 green will be #2 and we will hit to it from the Ladies tee on #18 and so forth. While it may sound confusing we will place markers to indicate each tee spot and the cups on the greens will be placed in the best position possible to allow all who play a chance to reach the greens.
Here is a sample of tee placements.
here is a link that will show it in a much larger scale.