Thursday, August 26, 2010

If you ever need a best friend please look at the different rescue service for each dog breed

I finally found an adoption family for my Sister-in-Laws Ridgeback we have been fostering. The Rhodesian Ridgeback service out of Baton Rouge worked diligantly in helping me find a loving family of 7 to take her in. You would not beiieve the work they will go through to keep these best friends out of the kennels. The adoption family for our Aerial was located in Antlanta Ga. and the RR rescue service even set up transportation and kept in touch with us through e-mails and phone calls through the whole process. I handed Aerial over to a young man yesterday at the Reserve Airport who had volunteered his time and plane to fly in and transport her to her new family. It was a sad parting but now she has four boys and a girl to love and play with her.
If you ever need a new best friend I urge you to please consider a rescue club for the breed of your choice. they are prudent in getting great homes for their little friends and make sure each animal is very compatible.

Thats her little head poking up in the back seat.