Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Equipment Modifications

One of the best things about our Equipment Technician, Mac Duhe is his ability to modify or build just about anything we can design. Case in point is our Leaf Vac. The main gear box bit the dust at the end of the season this last year. A new gear box is between $2,000 and $2,500. We have no money to speak of for fixing this vital piece of equipment so we got together and decided that maybe we can make this machine better. One point in our goal was to try and get away from the PTO drive which runs off the power of the tractor through a very expensive drive shaft which we would have to replace about every three years. We save a lot of parts off equipment that bites the dust in hopes of needing them some day. We just happen to have a diesel motor from an old tee mower and through our teamwork we are currently designing the vac to run on its own using this motor. Not only will it save us the money a new gearbox would of cost but it eliminates us ever having to buy a new drive shaft. While it is only about half way completed I have included a picture. We have to have it ready to go within the next month or two since Fall is right around the corner.
Another thing we  have designed and built is a tree root buster. With so many trees along our fairways they constantly compete with our turfgrass for water (and usually win). This leaves turf areas along our fairways thin. We would normally use a vibratory plow or a machine much like the cable companies use to pull new cable through the ground. We simply took what was a worn out aerifyer and made several modifications. Basically it is a 3-point hitch mount blade when pulled behind a very strong tractor will slice through the roots. Some may of seen me using it last Friday along fairways 1, 7, 9, 10 & 12. I expect to see the turf starting to get thicker in these areas over the next two months. Here is what it looks like