Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Work on hole #18

Since we have completed the fairway bunker on #18 we still had another issue to deal with before we felt we could completely wrap it up. The issue at hand was the narrow exit area going back to the cartpath. With 90% of the cart traffic using this area we knew it would never keep grass growing. The large oaks were also part of the problem. Our solution was to push back the first mound by the last oak tree which would double the size of the exit area. We also decided that the oaks needed trimming. We started moving the mound last week and Monday we started trimming the oaks down the cartpath. I know these were beautiful live oaks, which we all love, but they needed a serious trimming if we wanted to grow grass in the area. We have also been experiencing serious erosion issues from under these oaks. We are in the middle of the trimming process and we are chipping all of the branches and will be using the chips as mulch under the trees to help cut down on the erosion issue. I hope to complete the tree trimming this week if the weather permits. Once it dries out again I will also be completing the expansion of the exit area.