Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What an IDIOT!

Ok I have a new one for this week. If they read this blog they will know it is about them so I wont say any names.
I am trimming the Oaks on the left side of #18 so we can try to grow grass on the new mounds and bunker. We already had 4-5 very large limbs laying on the ground across the cartpath and I am cutting an even larger one and when I am just about to let it drop, something told me to look to my right towards the cartpath. As the limb is slowly dropping I noticed two golfers on a cart cutting off the cartpath right under the limb that is falling. It missed them by about 1" and If I would not of stopped my chainsaw it would of dropped down right on top of them causing serious harm. Since I had stopped cutting the limb it just slowly went down instead of snapping off the tree and dropping hard. It was a very close call and all I could think was what an IDIOT, what were they thinking?