Thursday, July 15, 2010

What an IDIOT!

Well I do not have a picture of this but it ranks right up there with some of the better head shakers.

I was going into the bathroom on #5 earlier this week when I noticed a small piece of paper with the alarm code taped to the door. I have seen where people has even wrote the code on the door.
Tell me, why would we put locks on the doors to keep the vandals out if we intended to to give them the codes?

I want to inform everyone that there are two deadbolt handles on the inside of the door. The bottom handle is a privacy lock so no one can enter the bathroom why you are inside. The top one is for when you need to overide the code for outside tournaments. Everyone knows I personally spent a lot of time fixing those bathrooms up. I do not intend to re-do them, so please help me take care of them.