Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer weeds

After all of the recent rains, we always notice the summer weeds more then any other time of year. This is due to us not being able to keep them cut often enough so they are not as visiable. With less workers this summer you also see more weeds due to the lack of weedeating.

What will we do about these weeds? We are adapting our practices to try to accommodate our lack labor. We are trying to spray more herbicides (roundup) and change up some cutting schedules (7-days a week). Hope for donations to help keep us supplied with chemicals (thanks Grant, Hooch, Chuck).

Our main weed issue now is Alexander grass which is what you now see invading the thin areas in the fairways and roughs. It has a wide leaf blade much like St Aug does and is very hard to hit out of. This is a picture of #9 fairway and rough which may be the hole with the most of it growing.