Monday, July 5, 2010

How we catch up with our cutting after all of the rain!

With all of the rain last week there were several things we could not do, such as cutting the Roughs and Fairways but some things that we generally do not have time for such as weedeating and club maintenance. Our course was left pretty out of shape for the 4th of July weekend. Even though we had decided to be open today, (Monday) due to members having a long holiday weekend, my crew still has the task of trying to catch up, especially with more rain forcast to come during this week. So just how do we try to catch up?

The top priority is always greens, everything else takes a backseat. After greens our next priority becomes Fairways and Tees. Then we try to cut the roughs.

Since we never really got behind with the greens we only needed to cut them today for the days rounds of golf. The Fairways on the other hand had not been cut since last Monday. They had to be cut twice today just to get them back under control. You will notice them looking much lighter in color due to scalping them back to the original height of cut. They will also need more cuts this week in order to get them to stay green. Due to more expected rain this week our plan is to first cut all areas that tend to stay wet longer then other areas. After we cut these areas we then proceed to pick up from the place we last cut before the rain. It generally takes three to four days to cut the bulk of the roughs. The tees had been cut two of the three times last week and will be cut tomorrow. While we may look like we are skipping areas and not completely doing our job, we are simply trying to make sure we can cut everything possible, even if we get some rain. Thank god I have a well trained crew that knows what is necessary to get our course back in shape quickly.

Now just pray that we do not get too much rain this week.