Monday, June 28, 2010

Scalp marks on our greens

I have had a few questions about the scalp marks being left on our greens this last week ,so I figured it would be a good time to educate you on this issue.

After we aerified our greens we topdressed the greens very heavy in order to get the holes filled in as fast as possible. By doing this we had enough sand to fill the holes and still leave about 1/8" over the whole green. Since out HOC (height of cut) for our greens is basically 1/8" we had covered over most of the plant tissue allowing them to grow back to their normal height. What this did was basically cover over the matt of the turf which would then need to re-grow the matt back. This levels the green out as much as possible. The scalping is caused by the mower because the matt is not thick enough yet and the mower is pulling at the grass. The main key here is that the areas that are scalping are the same areas earlier this year that had the seed heads. While I do not like the scalping on the greens I had decided to allow it to happen so I can see if the regular turf will take back over to some extent. They will not continue to scalp for long as our greens are almost back to normal from the aerification process.