Friday, June 18, 2010

I caught the vandals yesterday!

Well, on a hunch, I took a ride through the back subdivision looking for open garages and a golf cart. On my way back to the course, I had decided to enter through the pass on #4, and about 8-10 houses down the street found two colored boys sitting on a blue golf cart talking to another boy by their front door. I had instantly recognized the right rear tire so I stopped and questioned them about the ownership of the cart and where they lived which was at that address (169 River Oaks Dr), as I was talking I walked around the front of the cart and pushed on the front tire, it was flat. I knew this was the cart and told them that while I walked back to my vehicle dialling 911. They attempted to hide the cart in their garage and even tried to leave before the police showed up but in the end they had been told to return to their house where a police officer questioned them. This is all of the information I have on it at the moment but I truely wonder if the colored police officer that was there, will get this taken care of. Only time will tell.

Now I want to put all members on notice. If you see a blue golf cart with colored boys behind the wheel, on the golf course, CALL 911. We have to be on the look out for these vandals, in case they get away with this last issue.