Thursday, June 17, 2010

Damages to #17 green last night! We need your help with this one

Last night someone or someones kids decided to joy ride on #17 green, doing 15 or more donuts. The damages are considerable and will take weeks to recover. Every year we get our share of damages from carts that should not be on the course at night.

We need your help in catching these vandals and I have visual proof of the cart that did the damages. If you look at the pictures above you will see the tracks they left in the bunker next to the green. The facts from this picture are, the right rear tire is completely different the the other three. It looks like it may be a newer tire with the thread design much like the low profile tires. This cart also has a flat tire on the front right (when damages where done) so most likely has a slow leak or is in need of repair.

The flat tire had done the worst of the damages leaving a rut on most of the donuts done on the green. They decided to run over the flag stick and break it while they were joy riding so there may also be a mark on the front of the cart from the stick.

If you notice any carts with one different tire (back right) please notifye myself or the proshop. We have already done a police report just in case we catch the vandals. If your cart matches this discription please contact me as soon as possible so we can work something out without bringing in the police. We want this vandalism stopped and if left up to us to catch them, they will be prosecuted to the fullest.