Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Aerification of our greens (UPDATE)

Even Marcel came out and gave us a hand (Thanks)

We are just now finishing up with the washing in of the sand on the back nine. It looks like we may finish up greens 1,2 & 3 today before we leave. Expect the front nine to be closed for play tomorrow with the back nine open.
While we have not had any issues with the aerification so far we are slowed up by the lack of extra hands due to our cutbacks this year.

My outline for this aerification process;
Monday - pull cores, clean the greens off and topdress
Tuesday - Close back nine and topdress 2nd time and wash sand into holes
Wednesday - Close front nine, wash sand into holes and topdress any greens that need extra sand
Thursday - Wash sand into holes 2nd time
Friday - Roll greens, Verticut greens to disperse sand and drag with a broom mat.
Saturday - Hand water greens to knock sand down, Roll greens after noon/evening
Sunday - Hand water greens to knock sand down.
Monday - re-topdress if needed, drag greens with drag mat, Roll greens, Cut greens if possible
Tuesday - cut greens afternoon
Wednesday - roll greens
Thursday - Cut greens afternoon, roll greens
Friday - Possible cut greens in the morning, roll greens

A few bits of information; We cannot cut the greens when they are wet with dew (it picks up the sand and makes big clumps)
We raise our height of cut by .020" during the process to prevent scalping.
We roll frequently to smooth the greens back out
We use 1.25 truckloads of Sand during this process
The washing in of the sand is to
a) fill the holes up completely and quickly
b) flush toxins out of the green
c) create a faster healing process
d) firm up the greens faster

The number 1 remark we hear from golfers "the greens were just perfect and now you had to mess them up"

Excuse us, but why do you think they were perfect?  It is because we do this year in and year out. Trust me, I never look forward to 4-12+ hour days in this heat doing this work but it has to be done so you can continue to bragg about how great our greens are.

I expect the greens to be almost back to normal by next weekend.