Saturday, May 22, 2010

With #7 done, when will #18 get done?

To be honest, rightfully we should of completed #18 before starting a new project like #7 but, #7 had been the biggest complaint for the last 10 years so we bumped it up. (click on the title to read the rest of this post)
Now we will turn our attention to #18. We have come to some recent agreements on the changes being done to #18. The original plans for a bunker around 150yds out from the green has been changed to mounding and a semi-grass bunker system. This was decided after we built the bigger bunker around 100yds from the green. We just feel like the people that would be landing in the 150yd bunker would not get a fair shot over the water to the green. Mostly shorter driving golfers would be the only ones affected by this bunker and their shot capabilities coming out of 150yds, over water, would most likely be in the 10% range. Our goal was not to make the hole harder for the higher handicap players but rather the low handicap, long hitters. The newer bunker will address those players, and with only 100yds to the green the shot get easier for most golfers, more like in the 50%-60% range. It will not take too many trips inside of this bunker to force golfers to avoid it completely.

We are not done with the plans for the area though. we will be tweaking the original plans to help avoid severe traffic stress from carts getting back to the cartpath. This part of the plan will be done after my return from vacation.

#16 on the other hand is now complete. It will be allowed to grow in as is and my equipment will be able to maintain it with no problem.

What is on the books for our future plans? My next goal is to correct the fairway bunker on #12. As it stands it is the worst bunker on the course. It was poorly designed for the hole and has been poorly maintained. I cannot release the plans for it yet but our Golf Pro, myself, my greens chairman and the club president has already had some serious talks over what we want to build to challenge our golfers with. I expect to see some ground breaking on this project before the summer is over. Can we make this a better hole? absolutely! can we make it another signiture hole? That remains to be seen, but that is generally my goal on every project, because nothing feels better then having members come to me and say "Wow that should be our signiture hole", after a project has been completed.