Friday, May 28, 2010

On the Road

I know this has nothing to do with golf but I thought some might enjoy a few pictures and some interesting reading while I am away. "Click on the title to read my whole post"

Our first day went nothing as I had planned. It seems like my wife Valerie had a different plan then myself. I had planned on driving the morning shift, getting started around 6:30am and stopping on this side of B.R. for breakfast at IHOP while we wait out the heavy morning rush hour. She on the other had thought it would be good for her to drive first and the the IHOP had burned down. I also caught her cold she picked up from her recent trip to NY. I had also planned on us stopping for the night on just the other side of Fort Worth for the night. We made pretty good time to this point and Valerie was driving so we stayed on the road but when we started looking for a room around 7pm we could not find any decent ones. We ended up finally stopping around 9:30pm on this side of Amarillo Tx. I had the trip to the Grand Canyon broke up into 3 8 hour day drives and we spent 15 hours on the first day, Talk about a long day

This ended up being a good thing though as our plan was to get on Rt.66 and taking out time and seeing the great sights. Let me say that while Rt.66 is a nice drive, there just isn't much left of it. We ended up switching from Hwy 40 to Rt66 often so we could make good time and still see some old sights. We ended up stopping in Grant NM for the night because we wanted to see the Ice Cave and Bandera Volcano ( ) which was worth the time spent. The landscape here was the best we had seen since leaving La. As we traveled into Arizona we stopped to see the Painted Desert and the Petrified forest which was a very nice and relaxing side trip which slowed us down and allowed us to enjoy ourselves. If you have not been there and happen to be passing through you need to stop. We made a stop outside of the National park at the Petrified Wood company to see if we could find a souviner and WOW did this place have some really nice stuff. They have a private collection that may be better then a museum. Petrified wood coffee tables that sold for $4,000-$8,000. I never new you could polish the Petrified wood to make it look like marble. This is a must stop place even if you are not buying.

After our sight seeing tour we headed to Sedona Az where Valerie had booked us a room at an older hotel called the Sky Ranch Lodge ( ) that had the best view of the mountians which was literally on our back patio. The sunset was one of the best I have seen and this mornings sunrise hitting the side of the mountians was even better. Sitting out on our back patio drinking a cup of community coffee and watching the sunrise on the mountians had to be a kodak moment.

Thats all for now. I will add more later. We are having a great relaxing vacation and do not worry, I have not seen one thing yet that would make me want to leave La.