Sunday, May 16, 2010

Member-Guest Weekend

It figures! We get the course in it's best shape this year and we end up with 2.1" of rain during the first round of the tournament. All things considered, we are still not in that bad of shape due to the drought we had been having, but more rain on this mornings radar does not look good for the second round. We are currently cutting the greens, but had to drop back to a single cut due to how soft the rain had left them. We are currently pumping the bunkers out but they may fill back in with the next serious storm.
It looked like they still had a good time yesterday. I am really sorry I did not get to come out for the seafood extravaganza party (my wife took sick from her trip to NY for her step dads memorial and she did not want to infect others and thought it a good idea that I avoid people also just in case. She actually went to see her doctor and get shots and that in itself was rare) but there will be others down the road. When I get the scoop on the festivities I will try to get back and let all know how well it went.