Friday, May 14, 2010

Getting ready for a Member Guest Tournament (Everything else edition)

My last post was all about the greens so now I will conclude with everything else.

In getting ready for bigger tournament we try to cut as much as possible as often as possible so our fairways and tees will get cut three times this week with the last cut on Friday before all of the tournament players get out.
We spend extra time going around and weedeating lakebanks, trees, plant beds and anything else we can see that needs cleaning up. We try to tidy up any projects we may be working on, or finish them entirely which is normally our main goal. We spent a lot of time on #7 this year and to be honest I wish we would of started a month earlier so it could be played down rather then ground under repair. While we were able to clean up the work on #18, in realith it will be another 6 weeks minimum before it will be completed unless we can get another group of volunteers to lay sod, but in my past experience once people lay sod the generally are not in a hurry to volunteer a second time.

Some other work that goes into the tournament is marking the golf course and marking off pin placements for the tournament which is currently handled by the pro-shop. Then we have the annual setting up of our big tent and the tents loaned to us.

This is mainly what goes on with our maintenance but there is a lot of other things that goes on behind the scenes of the pro-shop/clubhouse.

It generally is a long week where we work 10-12 hours a day trying to complete or goals.