Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Volunteers to the rescue"

While I was stuck on my tractor aerifying greens Monday grant hustled up a group of volunteers to come out and lay sod across the fairway on #7. I felt like the odd man out and punished not getting to help with this part of the project. These guys combined with my crew and completely finished the whole fairway section as well as half of our grass bunker. My personal thanks from my crew and myself for the needed help. To be honest, there is no way my crew could of done that much sod in a single day, maybe three but not one day. The sod makes the whole project look much better and while we still have a way to go it finally is taken shape and starting to look like a real golf hole.

Thanks again to these hard working volunteers (even if Grant had to threaten them)

Steve “Loud“ Luminais

Martin Crawford

Justin “Juice” Smith

Joel “Bruz” Ortiz

Brock Waguespack

David “Hooch” Hymel

and lets not forget the leader of the pack, Grant Faucheux

Sorry but I forgot that my wife, Valerie also came out and helped lay sod with the guys, Thanks for reminding me Grant.