Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No we are not done yet!

I know some will be wondering why I am now working on hole #18 when #7 does not look completed yet. I wanted to pass on a little information that may help members understand my erratic way of thinking. My backhoe may be the most important piece of equipment currently. Unfortunately we only have one of them so I have to plan its usage carefully. With the heavy work completed on hole #7 The backhoe was needed to move large quanities of soil to complete the mounding/bunkers on hole #18 which had been sidetracked due to the very wet winter. On Wednesday it will be needed for topdressing the greens and we have tenative work planned for Thursday. We are just trying to take complete advantage of the dry weather we have been experiencing recently to catch up on some old projects. I hope to have both holes completed in time for the Member Guest Tournament next month. We still have shaping work to complete on hole #7 and hopefully we will be laying sod on the fairway part at least. Grant is currently trying to get a group of people together that is fit enough to help out on the sod work. If we had to hire outside labor it may cost us as much as $3000 which we currently do not have. Most likely all of the mounds may be sprigged instead of sodded. We are starting to get into our busy part of the year and we have a very small winter crew on hand with a few guys that are just too old to move sod.