Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Got an important job for a couple of volunteers!

While talking to Grant about the plans for completing our projects I was thinking about the hills and our plans to sprigg them due to labor shortage. The plan is for us to sprigg all of the mounds on #7 (with the exception of the one between the new grass bunker and cartpath) and #16. While this is a good way of growing them in it has some drawbacks and that is keeping them wet enough for the spriggs to grow. I have two alternatives for the watering of these mounds, the first is to run the sprinklers which will cover most of them but will also leave the fairways wet and most likely cartpaths only for a couple of weeks. The second is to hand water them, but this would be more labor intensive and tie up one of my workers every day for the whole day but it will keep the fairways dry and 90 degrees. So I have an idea I would like to pass to our membership. If I could get 4-8 volunteers to do the hand watering for us I think we can keep these holes 90 degrees and grow the mounds in faster. It would most likely require 1-2 people manning each hose (they are not light and will have to be moved around from mound to mound), I could split them up into two groups (1 on #7 and another on #16), the mounds would have to be watered 2-4 times per day to keep them from drying out. and they would have to be done every day, including weekends! If enough volunteers sign up (sign up in office or Pro Shop) for this to work we will go that route, if not we will most likely start sprigging on Thursday and run the system as needed. Please remember that we do not have the labor to hand water in house and no budget to add anyone presently.