Thursday, April 1, 2010

Finally getting started with hole #7

I know we have talked about it and even promised it would get done but finally we have the small track hoe we need to get-r-done. Thanks to Byrd Hotard for the use of his equipment.

We will be starting by digging out the bottom of the ditch to a depth of 18" and using gravel (thanks to Alan Constantine)with drain pipe we have in stock. we will still have to run power from the lightning shelter by #6 green down to the right side of the ditch on #7. This will run a sump pump which will keep the water out of the system.

I do not want to go into details just yet as to what the total plan we have for this area but after some final thoughts Monday I believe we may have something that will work really good and make the hole play even better. Check back here for more updates and photos of how the job progresses.

Items needed to help push this project over the top;

large stones or small rocks....need to be between 8-18"
vibratory plow.... like the contractors use to pull wire underground.
lots of thank you's towards the people making donations