Thursday, April 8, 2010

#7 Drainage progress (click this title for complete article)

It has been a very busy week with a lot of changes and great work getting done. True to form, Alan is trying to work my old butt into the ground. Even though we started off with a simple short term fix for #7 it has evolved into a mid level renovation, which once completed will change the character of the hole.
We currently have completed the installation of the subsurface drainage system in the ditch and only have to run the power and install the outflow pipe. We are currently digging a retention area (pond) to the right of the cartpath for the water, which will be displaced by the new fairway landing area. This has to be done in order to keep from flooding our neighbors that live on hole #6. We are using the soil from the retention area to build mounds that will outline the new fairway which will now cross the ditch area. There will be hazards on each side of the new fairway with the left side having a sand waste bunker and the right side having a grass bunker. A straight shot will reward you greatly while a missed shot with have serious repercussions.

So what started out as a small drainage project has turned into a mid level redesign/renovation of hole #7. To be honest I would of not had it any other way. I have a firm belief that if you are going to work on a hole, anything you do should be to improve the hole with the intentions of not having to come back and do more or to have to do it over. GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!

The next question I can imagine you asking is what type of time line will we have on completing this project? With good weather like we have been experiencing the last couple of weeks, I expect us to complete the shaping work by next weekend. As for the planting and growing in of the turf, that will depend on what method we take. Laying sod takes a lot of labor and to be honest we currently do not have the manpower for the project with our other course duties. Seeding or sprigging will be the only way to go but it has it own drawbacks. Both of these takes enormous amounts of water in order to get them growing properly. This will cause us to shut down the first half of the fairway until completed (2-3 weeks). We will still be looking at 6-8 weeks minimal before cart traffic will be allowed. Laying sod shortens this time span to around 2-3 weeks total while keeping the hole closed till the sod work is completed (2-3 days). It still keeps cart traffic off for about 1 month.

As you know all of the work so far has been done from donations. The only thing the club has paid for on this project is the diesel fuel for the heavy equipment which is around $300.

If you like what you see in this project so far and would like to help the club out with it, please donate any amount of money you see fit to the office towards the cost of the fuel. I will notifye the office to put any monies donated on the side for our next fuel bill which is currently running around $1,100 per month.

While we do not have the labor to sod these areas it may be possible if we can get enough volunteers to get it done. If we had maybe 10-15 healthy active volunteers we could knock it out in one day. Anyone willing to head this idea up please get with Grant or Alan.

Now for the estimated cost of all of the work on #7 if we had contracted out this project.
Believe it or not the cost to dig out a pond, run a complex drainage system and built and shape sand bunkers and grass bunkers as well as all of the mounding work would have been between $25,000 and $50,000 depending on whether or not the areas were sodded or sprigged. Construction work is not cheap to begine with but specialty construction work cost about twice the amount as regular construction work.