Thursday, March 25, 2010

Third Phase of Cartshed Project, and changes to plans

When I was young I remember my mother telling me once that when life hands you a bunch of lemons you just make lemonade. In a way that is how I live from day to day knowing that change can happen at anytime and the best you can do sometimes is just make lemonade.

We have completed the drainage part of the work being done to the cartshed. We had a couple of obsticals to overcome with the area between the driveway and cartshed. The first plan was to use concrete, which would of been leftovers, but after more planning on how we would get this done with the need for a swell to move water to the catch basins. the problem we encounter is that the leftover concrete would be pretty wet which cannot be shaped as we need it, 1 big lemon already. So in game planning our choices, Me and Alan decided that we had two large loads of muddy rocks that we had originally planned to use on hole #7 but the rocks were way to small (another Lemon from another project), So we figured why not try them out in this area? So we started making our lemonade by laying out the rock/mud in the area and washing it down to help remove some of the mud. We are hoping that after drying out it will firm up much like concrete and stabilize. I spent yesterday using a water hose to form it where the rain water will be channeled into the drains. We still have plans on pouring concrete pads in front of the doors once the material stabilizes and stops sinking. the end result: