Friday, March 5, 2010

Getting ready for a drier Cartshed

   Anyone that has walked into our cartshed already know some of the issues we have, but for those that have never been inside of it, let me say that after a rain it stays wetter then hole #8. Our new Club President has vowed not to let this continue and to fulfill some past promises to get it fixed. I have met with my Greens Chairman Alan Constantine and discussed the issues and the "right" fix to our problem. Let me sum it all up.
   When the Cartshed was constructed it was built by using a 6" concrete chainwall around the outside edge where the post and metel meet with the surface. The inside was then filled with rock (possibly soil first) in order to build a parking lot for the carts (a poor mans slab). A good thing to mention here is that when this was done they mainly had three wheeled golf carts which is why all of the parking spots were done straight. At some point and time the club decided to pave our main car parking lot (yes it was shells also), I do not know if they decided to pave the road next to the cartshed at the smae time, but they also paved the roadway. When this was done it was raised about 8" above the chainwall. This is where the problem started. The area between the roadway and the chainwall (or building) eventually got filled in also causing all water that would run off of the road to be channeled into the cartshed, especially during heavy rains. Since the cartsheds base is built inside of a concrete chainwall it holds the water. OK, still with me? Our task is to keep the water from reaching the inside of cartshed. If it does not go in, it will not flood, makes sense huh?
   Now for the plan, We will start by adding a really good drainage system. This system will consist 12" double wall corregated pipe (we had in stock). It will consist of maybe 8 concrete catch basins (thanks to Alan for hustling up the donations). We will be taking the area between the roadway and the cartshed and lowering it by 1 foot. This will channel all water away from the cartshed and into the new drainage system. We will be making this area temporary unusable. The plan will also have us pouring concrete throughout the entire section so the drainage water does not also pull dirt and rocks into the catch basins. The concrete work will be done slowly in stages since Alan will be donating whatever is leftover from a few trucks when possible. We will form everything and set all grades when we install the drainage system so when a truck becomes available it can back right in and pour. The drainage system will also be done in a couple of stages so we do not pull out both concrete paths that give us entrance to our doors (we will only shut one down at a time).
   This should end the drainage issue with the cartshed and the possibility of an electricution. While it may take some time to completely fix it will be done at virtually no cost to the Membership.
   How cay you help us? By being patient during our construction work. If you know how to work concrete we will be happy to use your skills during our pouring periods (small sections at a time) so please feel free to let Grant or Alan know your desire to help. Other then that the job should go pretty easily.
   Makes sense huh?