Wednesday, March 3, 2010

1.4" Rain Monday night, Man will this ever stop?

Sorry everyone, but this last front has really made us wet "again". Looks like we may be cartpaths only until Thursday or Friday.

But wait the good news is that this next weekend is going to be one of the best weather wise since November. No rain expected with temperatures between 65-70 degrees get your clubs ready and tell the rest of the family if they aint playing also, "see-ya".

We finally completed the tree trimming for now and since the company did not pick the lift up until Tuesday we got a chance Monday to trimm the oaks coming down our entrance roadway and the two next to the cartshed. Now it will still take us a couple of more days to complete chipping all of the branches we cut down.

Our next project will be the drainage around the cartshed as well as installing new alarm wires for the security system in the cartshed.