Thursday, February 4, 2010

Trimming out dead branches

Well we finally got a lift big enough to allow us to get into the pine trees in order to get all of the dead and hanging branches out. We have already been able to complete about 1/3 of the trees having done the rows of pines between 1&9, 9&8, 8&6. Our goal is to try to clean up all of the dangerous issues with these trees and prolong their life. After we complete the course we will use what remaining time we have left on the lift to start working on our large Water Oaks and any problem trees we have.

Due to our budget issues we had to get creative with acquiring a lift. We have swung a few deals with a couple of members that live on the course. We will be removing a few trees from their back yards as well as trimming a couple more up in exchange for the cost to rent the lift for a month. This way the club gets about 3 1/2 weeks free use of the lift. So if you happen to see us in these back yards or see these home owners, thank them for helping us make our course look better and safer to play.

And the most important thing you can do to help us is to please stay away from the equipment while we are working. Give us plenty of room in order for us to do our job safe for both our crew and our members. I have seen a few very bold people drive right next to the lift while we were working. Due to our very small crew we do not have extra people that can stand around and steer people away from danger and we cannot see what is below us when we are in the top of a dense pine tree.