Friday, February 19, 2010

Paying for our lift

I just wanted to fill everyone in on how we were able to rent the left we have been using the last three weeks to trim trees.

Since we have been trying to catch back up on past owed bills we had no money to rent the much needed lift. So we made deals to remove and trim a few trees with a few home owners that live next to the course. The course's thanks go to Mr. John King, Mr. Jimmy Hymel, Mr. Wes Moore for the donations/barter that has allowed us to acquire the lift. after the work to remove or trim their trees we were still able to use the lift for three weeks for free.

If anyone else that lives on the course reads this and has a tree they need some work done to and wishes to work out a deal get in touch with me (504) 628-4461. Any more funds generated will go towards keeping the lift longer so we may be able to complete the work we have started.

And please remember that the club has no money tied up in the lift.