Thursday, February 25, 2010

Newest work being done at "your" club

I wanted to share a few pictures of some improvements to our club. First is work being done to the bar which is being transformed from old style wood to newer style granite and stucco. The brick walls are being painted with a large overhead picture of our wonderful golf course being placed on the main wall. We have had lots of volunteers helping out so far and I will do another post later once it is finished.

Another area is the tree trimming I have mentioned before. We have finally finished with our three weeks of free usage of the lift and have completed 95% of the whole course. Our goal was almost met in that we removed almost all of the Widow-Makers that were hanging down and completely trimmed 70% of the pine trees properly. Due to the time constraint we had to rush through the last 30% of the Pine trees. With any luck we can get another lift down the road to complete the job properly (any volunteers for donations?).

The sad news is that around 20 pine trees I have been in are in severe decline and most likely not make it another two years. About 10% have severe damage from the hurricanes and may not make it longer then 5 more years. This is why it is imperative for us to plan ahead with our future tree planting program.

All of the work described above has been done at almost zero cost to the club. Thats right, almost no cost. Just a few members that want it to get better. I am taking this time now to ask all of my readers to also help out in one way or another. "This is your club", you should be proud of it and want to help make it better. What many do not realize is that there is more then one way to help out. Many of the ones now just give their time and special talents for free. Others offer donations in the way of cash, products or even free use of equipment. "do you have some special way you can help"? Sometimes it is only telling the others what a great job they have done and how much you appreciate it. And for heavens sake, if you do not like it please keep your words to yourself, it did not cost you anything and many others do like it and Riverlands is a much better place without the negativity. Next time get involved to help make it more to your liking!