Friday, February 5, 2010

2.5" of Rain on Thursday, Update on plans for #7

Course Conditions for the weekend will be cartpath only. Sorry everyone but we still have water out of the ponds on #15 & #16.

We will be spraying the greens for the Poa Annua weeds this coming week weather permitting.

We have also finalized the plans for the ditch crossing #7 fairway. While this will be a temporary fix (possibly 1-3 years) it will be a complete fix. We will be digging out the ditch 18" deep and installing a 4" perforated drain line that will be surrounded with gravel to a depth of 14" we will then layer larger gravel(2"-3"dia) over the top to seal in the small rocks that can damage our mowers. We will have three catch basins with the one on the right doubling as a sump area. The sump area will have a pump that will discharge the water to the opposite side of the cartpath on the right.

I would like to thank the members that has stepped up with donations of materials in order for us to get this job started. Members have donated Pipe, Equipment, Electrical Wire and the Gravel in order to make this work.
This area has been an issue for as long as I have been here and I know many will be happy not to lose their golf balls in the bottom of a ditch. Unfortunately this also means that this Ditch will now be turned into a Hazard area.

If anyone else has anything they can donate in order to help make our club better please contact Myself, Grant Faucheaux, Allen Constantine or John Kacpura. This looks like it will be a very tight year for our course so we may depend on Donations more now then ever before.