Friday, January 8, 2010

Too cold to play golf?

Well it was again 26 when I came into work this morning with wind chills dipping as low as 12 degrees at times. After yesterdays rains we ended up with loads of ICE everywhere though. Due to this reason alone we have the course closed until it melts off (talk is that we may just stay closed today and tomorrow with Sunday in question), we are throwing sand over the ice on the concrete in hopes of making it a little safer. Due to the freeze during the nights we have shut down the water on the course until further notice. I only have one person slated to work the weekend, making sure that if anything is stolen we can replace it in case some come out to play.

We did have one very brave soul try to play this morning (sorry Trey but with ice everywhere it was just too dangerous to allow you out there. If somehow you were to slip on the path and crack your skull open no one would of found you until your wife reported you missing).