Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Resolutions anyone?

Happy New Year everyone. I hope all had a safe and happy, New Year celebration. Now is the time for us to make those dreaded resolutions that we somehow always seem to keep for only a short while. How about a resolution to keep a resolution?

I resolve this year to try to do more with less, at least this is one resolution I know I can keep throughout the whole year.

I resolve to try to communicate better with all of my peers. Hopefully this blog will help me to achieve this goal.

I resolve to get in better shape and pay more attention to my body and its faults. I believe that getting in better shape will help me do a even better job.

I resolve to try to listen to all ideas toward conditioning the course. I know I try this already but I feel that I can only achieve this goal if everyone (yourself included) relays their thoughts to me (sorry Liz I cannot make bigger holes). In the month and a half I have had this blog set up I have only had 4 comments posted. Without input, it gets difficult to please everyone. My mother once told me when I was very young that the only stupid question is the one you did not ask! Please ask any questions, make any comments (good or bad) and give any suggestions (as long as they are course related). I need your help.
Comments also lets me know that I have followers to this blog.

I resolve to try to make the course a more enjoyable place to spend your time.

And last but not least - I resolve to listen to my wife more (even if I do not understand what she is talking about).