Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Idea for a new annual Golf Tournament for our Club

Many Private Golf Courses across the USA have a scramble tournament once a year that is dubbed the "Superintendents Revenge Tournament".

This is a tournament where the Superintendent and his crew are given leeway to set the course up in any way they see fit. There is literally no limitations other then our own imagination. It's a tournament that's completely played for the fun of the game, with the only goal being to have everyone waiting to see what next years challenges would be. In most cases there is a fee to play with all proceeds going back into the course or maintenance department. The only prize for having the best score is the enjoyment you had laughing all day at what you and your group have been put through.

While the name leads you to think the course would be set up in the most brutal way possible, it is very misleading, because while each hole is a challenge (and most of the time very hard), it is not played like normal golf. Instead of playing from tee to green with your normal clubs, you may be challenged on each hole with shots like, hitting the tee shot from a tee-ball stand with a bat or made to use a opposite handed golf club, or maybe having to play the worst ball all the way through green. Basically anything goes and our imagination can get pretty wild.