Thursday, January 21, 2010

Did you know that we have been composting for over three years now?

We have been composting our old leaves, wood chips, plant material, and thatch from floods for around three years now. What we do is make large piles of these materials mixed in with contaminated sand and sand removed from bunker renovations and turn them over once a month. during the course of a year we end up with a fairly large pile of compost. I have found that it takes around 1.5 - 2 years to get good enough soil to use in plant beds. We used up our first pile of compost this year in the beds in front of the club house as well as a couple on the course. This coming year we will have another very large pile to use at our discretion with possibly two piles next year. eventually we will have more then we can use but the beauty of the program is that the cost to make the piles and continue to turn them over is less then half of what we were spending on hauling the debris away before we started the program.
So if anyone needs some garden soil and have their own means of hauling it get with me and I can hook you up for free. After all we are already saving over 50% from when we had to haul it off so giving some of it away will not hurt us, it will actually help us by giving us more room for this years compost needs. Saving money and helping members, that is a good program.
After Hurricane Katrina we were able to purchase a wood chipper in order to clean up most of the mess. One of the long term plans with a chipper was to allow us to keep up with trimming trees without collecting large piles of branches. By chipping we could make our own mulch or use the chips in a composting program.