Monday, December 14, 2009

What can we do when it is too wet to really work?

I am very sure that many may wonder what my crew does when it is really too wet to get around and work on the golf course. With all of the rain lately I thought this may be a good time to explain how we keep busy.

First off I refuse to make my crew work in weather that is detrimental to their health. This may include lightning, very cold and wet conditions (flue weather), weather that is too cold for a snowman or during a hurricane. Barring any of those my men will work. There is a difference between getting a few things done and ending up with the whole crew sick. I also have to remember that my crew does not make a lot of money and depend on getting a 40hr week paycheck just to pay their bills. Simply sending them home every time it rains is not an option if we intend to keep them working for our club. Some of them save up their vacation time to use in case of very bad weather where we basically cannot work. Some of the time I will have them work in the weather during the morning hours and try to fix some of our course odds and ends during the afternoon. We will paint markers, clean and organize the shop and service equipment. Whatever I can have them busy at to at least get them a half days pay in. Some days we may work late in order to make up hours lost due to bad weather sending the crew home early.

Times like today when we had received over three inches of rain during the weekend and expect even more rain later today and tonight we have to step back and do what we can with the least amount of damages to the course. Today I elected to have the crew start trimming the live oaks next the the bathroom on #5. While we may make a few ruts with our backhoe or dump trailer it will be minimum and repaired simply enough. We have a very large population of trees throughout the course which constantly needs attention with little time to actually get to them other then the winter time.