Wednesday, December 9, 2009

USGA Advisory Reports for Riverlands Golf and Country Club

I am slowly going through my past records to pull information out that I feel may be vital for our membership to get a better understanding in the hows and whys we do things for our course. While I consider myself a professional in my business, I do not believe that I know everything about my business and constantly strive to learn more every chance I get. Due to the computer age and the internet, my job has gotten easier and harder at the same time. The internet allows me to get information at the click of a keyboard and my National Golf Course Association allows me to get vital information from thousands of other Superintendents across the world with that click. Every now and then we get to the point where we really need a little outside perspective on our course and it's direction it is heading. The USGA has it's own agronomist on hand that can be hired for 1/2 day visits to give your club some outside advice in the way Golf Courses should be doing things by their high standards. These guys are professionals that know about low budget courses as well as high top of the line courses. We have had two visits since I arrived in Feb of 1995. the first was in 1997 after we had a horribly wet winter which left around 5 greens half dead from being totally saturated for three weeks. The USGA was paid for a half-day visit in which myself, the head pro, and several Board Members were on hand. Our intentions on hiring the USGA was to get a true goal as to our current practices as well as how our course stood up against the USGA standards of todays golfing world. This was to be a full blown report on what it would take to get Riverlands out of being considered a "Goat Ranch" and into being a real Golf Course. I am attaching the report to this post in order to allow our membership to see where we were those 12 years ago and how far we have evolved today.

We also hired the USGA for a second visit in 2003 to again get their advice on how we have managed to date in achieved their goals for our club and to again get more direction which may allow our course to get even better as we moved into the future.
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This is the 2003 report.