Sunday, November 29, 2009

Who Dat Fever

A lot of you already know that my wife and myself are pretty die hard Saints Fans. We have been season ticket holders for around 7 years now and never miss a game. This year has been a season ticket holders dream come true. We are finally on the yellow brick road to the promise land. 10-0, who would of ever thought it? Everything look right for us to pursue the perfect season. My hopes are for the Saints and the Colts to meet in Miami (Super Bowl) both undefeated. In order to do that we must first take care of business with the Pats this Monday night. My wife decided this year to use up some of our vacation time for the prime time games we have at home. We have been staying in New Orleans for two nights so we can have some true home town fun without the hassels of driving at night. I think she calls it staycations and we have found that we truely enjoy walking through the quarter and enjoying what we had been taking for granted. I will be back to work Wednesday morning, hopefully in a great mood after our win against the Pats. Hope everyone enjoys the game wether it is on TV or you go to the game. See you Wednesday.

Well we had a great time and I apologize for not getting the aboved posted earlier this week. I had thought I would get a chance to hook up to the internet and post it Monday Morning.

WHO DAT!, this game was second best in all my time of following the Saints, ranked right below the grand re-opening of the Dome against the Falcons. We had a great time and took the time to re-visit the D-Day Museum which was fantastic. If you have not been yet to see the new section with the 4-D theater, its a must see.