Friday, November 20, 2009

Where did those trees go?

I was asked yesterday by a member, what has happened to the small trees on the course. This was in relation to several tee beds that we had cleaned out as well as a few trees that had been removed.

We have stripped the tee bed on #2 almost completely clean leaving only the two small Japanese Plum trees. We did this because the river birch trees in the bed were in sever decline and just a matter of time before they were going to die completely. this bed had also become a good breeding ground for Poison Ivy. My plans for this bed will have us align the two Japanese Plums equally from the tee marker. Then we will plant new material through the bed. I have had a few suggestions on adding some citrus trees to a few beds lately which may be a great idea (any donations?).

As for a few other trees that were removed. The main thing to understand is that when we plant small trees throughout the course we generally plant more then needed to get a quicker fill in for the area and to account for any death within the group of trees. If and when these trees start to get too tight for them to grow healthy we remove the worst tree or the one tree that will hendor the others from proper growth. During the last two weeks we have removed trees from #4 rough (this was a popular that has never grown healty), #5 tee (we will be doing some work to the gold section of this box and the tree would have been in the way), #12 rough (one was very sick and the other was growing too close to a drake elm).

We will be transplanting several trees from our two tree farms throughout the course in the next two months.