Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

We are finally hitting our Holiday Seasons in which we always try to put on our best smiles. This is Thanksgiving week, which has us closed on Thanksgiving day only. It is the time for great big meals, happy family reunions, Great football (How about Dem Saints) and cool weather golf.

My crew will be working even harder this week due to their off day for Thanksgiving. With the cooler weather we have been having recently, the grass is finally starting to slow down and the trees are starting to shed their leaves. My crew has shifted their duties from cutting roughs to vacuuming up the leaves. At some point we will be pulling down the Christmas lights from the attic in preparation for our annual decorating of the club.

A few things I would ask of our members with the cooler temperatures arriving; Please watch where you drive your carts on the course (any damages done this time of the year are generally very slow to heal), please fix all ball marks (even if they are not your own), and please do not take pratice swings that takes divots out of the turf.

Happy Holidays to all

James (Randy) Smith