Monday, November 23, 2009

Please Give us a Break

On most days my staff has the time to stay in front of our golfing members while completing their morning task (mowing greens, tees, raking bunkers). However I have instructed my crew to always be as curtious as possible to all members and allow them to play through if they desire. We do have larger task, such as mowing Fairways, vacuuming the leaves and possibly hand watering the greens. If or when you come to a hole that one of my staff is still working to complete their task, please be patient with them. in most cases it may only mean one or two more passes with a mower or simply giving them time to get out of your way. I also ask you to understand that almost everyone that could be in your way may be operating a powered machine that makes a lot of noise. Simply yelling fore may or may not get their attention if the machine is too loud. Again, please be patient, but if for some reason they are not being respectful to you or your game, please feel free to come to me with any complaints. I take all complaints as constructive criticism and a way of making our course a better golfing experience for all. Here is a little video from the USGA that may help you understand what we do.