Thursday, November 19, 2009

Overseeding Tees

Through my network of Superintendents around the Nation I have learned that some southern golf courses have been experimenting with overseeding only Par 3 tees as well as the Practice Tee compared to all of the tees. They have been doing this mainly to save the cost of seeding all of the tees. The savings can be as much as 80%.

Seeding tees is done mainly for two reasons. The first reason is to have a more appealing green color over the dormant brown that the cold weather causes and secondly because it also allows the divot spots to heal over (bermuda does not grow well in cold weather). The bermuda also has to compete with the rye grass during the spring months, which generally takes it longer to fill in.

We are trying this new method this year and will need the memberships help with a few things. First thing is that we have set all markers together during the grow in time for the seed, please do not move these tees, and secondly please do not take practice swings on these tees until the seed has completed it's germination period (generally two weeks).