Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monday Golf at Riverlands

Riverlands Golf and Country Club is officially closed every Monday with the exception of certian holidays (which fall on Mondays) and for outside events. The rest of the year Mondays are left open for the maintenance staff to complete the needed task to keep your club in great shape.

That is our official ruling for Mondays, now here is our unofficial rules for Mondays. We generally have a few golfers that come out during the day with their own carts or their pull carts and play a round of golf. As the Superintendent of Riverlands I do not want to deprive these members a chance to play a round of golf so I have implimented a few rules for those that choose to come out on Mondays
1) Maintenance crew has right of way on the whole course. If you are trying to play and the crew is working just go to the next hole (my staff will not get out of your way on a Monday)
2) Whatever conditions we had on Sunday you will have to abide on Monday (cartpath only) or else you will be asked to leave.
3) No Guest allowed. Please do not bring a guest out on a Monday. This is not a day to get a free round of golf for your friend (if seen by any one of our course spies you will be billed at a weekend rate, no matter how many holes you played).
4) At anytime during the day expect our irrigation to kick on (we may have applied a fertilizer application or have been waiting for our equipment to finish up to do any needed watering).
Thanks for your help in following the above rules.