Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fall has arrived

Fall has finally arrived. Many of our large oaks are now shedding their leaves in preparation for the oncoming winter. It is now our job to clean up those leaves so the golfers can locate their ball quicker. This is basically a two man operation. One operator handles the blower while the other is responsible for sucking them up with our course vac. These two guys will be doing this process until mid January since the large water oaks on the course tend to shed leaves slowly.

We have raised the HOC (height of cut) on our greens, fairways and tees in preparation for the winter. This is done in order to build a thicker matt of turf which should act as a blanket to the soil and tender vegitation. This helps the turf survive the colder winter months without too much plant loss.

Since I am basically just getting started on this blogging I will keep it short as possible.